Hokkie - Hockey


Mrs. A. Voigt


U/9      Miss.   B. Alberts / C. Alberts

U/10    Miss.   R. Van Wyk

U/11    Miss.   D. Smit

U/12    Miss.   S. Erasmus

U/13    Miss. A. Kirkwood



Our hockey is of a very high standard.  We participate against Randhart, Orion, President Steyn, Dalmondeor, Alberview, Alberton Primary and Waterstone College.  Our U/12 and U/13 girls have the privilege to take part in the Eastern Gauteng trials, which take place during October.  An Alberton team then gets chosen.  They then participate in High Performance training for a few weeks.


The final Eastern Gauteng teams will be chosen in March.  We thrive to make hockey as much fun as possible for our girls by taking them on a tour (June / July school holidays).

Our hockey season is during the third term.  We have U/9, U/10, U/11, U/12 and U/13 teams.  We practice at the Alberton cricket club and also play our home games at the club. 


For the past couple of years our U/13 team came first in our league or runners up.